Q.1: In our society the builder has retained some of the units in the society after the registration of the… Read More »

Action on Applications Received by Society

1.  If the Committee or the General Body, as the case may be, decides to reject any of the applications… Read More »

No Confidence Motion

1. On what circumstances the administrator is appointed on the co. operative housing society? Ans:  A. If prima facie it… Read More »

Amendment in Bye Law

1. Can Registrar imposed Bye-laws? Ans: Registrar has powers under Section 14 of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960 to… Read More »


1. How is an internal auditor appointed? Ans: The society, if it considers necessary, may appoint an internal Auditor, at… Read More »

Cessation of Membership

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Maintenance Charges of the Society

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Funds of the Society

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General Body Meeting

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Income Tax and Stamp Duty

1. Is it necessary to pay Income Tax by the Co-operative Housing Society? Ans: Yes. It is necessary to pay… Read More »