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Transfer of Flat in Housing Society

Difference Between Transfer and Transmission of Shares: Transfer of shares is a voluntary act of a member that takes place… Read More »

GST For Housing Societies

Introduction:- This article has been written with a view to increase awareness of members of Housing Societies and Management Committee… Read More »

Quest of Circulars

It is further clarified that in the event of failure to upload the detailed report in the electronic format as… Read More »

Transfer formalities from Society Perspective

1. It is the responsibility of the Secretary to file all the documents in flat wise individual file for future… Read More »

Associate member cannot be part of managing committee

All joint owners, co-owners, associate member, nominal members whose name does not appear first in the share certificate cannot be… Read More »

Election to the Managing Committee

a. Any proceeding pending before the registrar or other authority shall stand transferred to the respective Authorities under the amended… Read More »

Election to the Society having 100 or more Members

a. The election officer were notify the result within 3 days and will direct the Returning officer to choose office… Read More »

Election to the Managing Committee having less than 100 Members

a. Within 15 days of the election of the committee a meeting will be held to elect officer bearers. This… Read More »

Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Election to Committee Rules, 2013

a. There is provision for payment of deposit of Rs. 2,000/- by other than SC/ ST Category and payment of… Read More »

Development Agreement Between Owner

As per Public Interest Litigation bearing No.54/2011 (Chandrakant Manekar V/S Govt. of Maharashtra & others which was filed before Bombay… Read More »