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It is further clarified that in the event of failure to upload the detailed report in the electronic format as aforesaid, it will be presumed as the Society has not submitted the to the Detailed Report. The Coop. Societies, who have failed to comply the detailed report in the prescribed format and within the stipulated time, are become liable for action under section 73CA, 146(G) and 147(G) of Maharashtra Co-op. Society Act, 1960. As per provisions of Section 73 (CA) to held committee and members responsible having failed to comply, provisions of section 146(G) to held responsible for submission of the report with incorrect details and as per section 87 to held responsible failed to upload detailed report will be presumed as having committed crime. The crime is punishable and as per Section 147 (G) by levying penalty to the extent of Rs.5000/-. As per above information every week of August & September the Registrar should visit the website & took information that how many Co-operative Societies submitted the Application in his jurisdiction. As per above section the Co-operative Societies who has not submitted Application.

Submission of Application under section 79 of MCS Act 1960. As per Section 79 (1A) of Maharashtra Co-operative Society Act 1960 within six months from the date of closure of financial year, all the co-op societies shall compulsorily submit the following Documents to the concerned Deputy Registrar or to the Authorities appointed by them Relevant Registrar or Authorised Officer.

A. Annual Report of the Society.
B. Audit Report of the Society.
C. Proposed Plan to invest the balance amount as per the approval of the Annual General Meeting of Society.
D. List of amendments to be made in the Bye- laws of the Society (if any).
E. Appointed Date of Annual General Meeting or _________ & Affidavit with regard to date of Election of the Society.
F. Any other information required to the Deputy Registrar as per the provisions. As per section 79 (1B) all the Co-operative Societies from the list of Government approved and appointed in the General Body Meeting, shall required to submit the name of the Auditor or name of the Audit Firm, his/her/its written consent to conduct the audit of the society, to the Deputy Registrar within one month from the date of Annual General Meeting. As per provisions of Section 79 (1A) & 79 (1B) the detailed document should be submitted as per following procedures:

The procedures for Submission of Documents: The format of the detailed report is available in electronic form on the website of the co-op. department. All the coop societies by filling up the correct details in the form shall submit the detailed report in the electronic form to the concerned Deputy Registrar by uploading the form in the website of co-op. department on or before 30th day of September each year. The information as per the provisions of section 79(1B) shall also be submitted to the Deputy Registrar in electronic format by uploading in the aforesaid website within one month from the date of Annual General Body meeting.

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