Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Election to Committee Rules, 2013

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a. There is provision for payment of deposit of Rs. 2,000/- by other than SC/ ST Category and payment of deposit of Rs. 500/- by SC/ ST category candidates

b. The list under Type C Societies includes a residuary entry which includes any other society or class of Societies not falling under Type A, B or D.

c. The all non-aided Co-operative Industrial Societies or Industrial Estate have been classified as Type C Societies.

d. Housing Societies having 100 or more members are classified as Type C Societies and the Housing Societies having less than 100 members have been classified as Type D Societies.

e. As per these Rules the societies have been broadly classified into type A, B, C and D category.

f. Special provision for Type “C” class societies and Type “D” class Societies, Corrupt Practices and Electoral Offences. Dispute relating to election will be petition before Co-operative Court.

g. The Rules have been elaborately drafted and divided into XII Parts, largely dealing with:- o Classification of Societies, o Electoral Roll, o Administrative Machinery, o Conduct of Election, o Polling, o Counting of Votes and declaration of Result, o Election Expenses.

h. These Rules shall come in force on such date as a State Government may appoint by notification in official Gazette.

i. The Rules have been accordingly finalized.

j. The draft Rules were notified on 19th August 2013 calling for objection and suggestion from any person with respect to the said draft rule. The Government of Maharashtra will take in to consideration objections or suggestions on and after 3rd September 2013.

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