Guest Editor
Adv. Umeshchandra Yadav Patil
Special Public Prosecutor
Govt. of Maharashtra

Income Tax and Stamp Duty

1. Is it necessary to pay Income Tax by the Co-operative Housing Society? Ans: Yes. It is necessary to pay… Read More »


1. What measures to be adopted if there is an outstanding of maintenance or other dues against the managing committee… Read More »

Membership & Transfer of Flats

1. How can a Nominal member occupying the flat on behalf of a firm, company or any other Body Corporate… Read More »


1. How can a nominee of a deceased member apply for membership where there is more than one nominee nominated… Read More »

Common Space and Open Space

1.  What do you mean by Open Terraces? Ans: The term Open Terraces is defined in the Bye-law No. 3(xxi)… Read More »


1. How is the application for allotment of parking space/stilt to be made? Ans: A member, who desires to have… Read More »

Powers of the Managing Committee

1. What is the Power of the Chairman of the society? Ans: The Chairman of the Society shall have the… Read More »

Records of the Society

1. Which record book is necessary to be kept by the society? Ans: Under bye-law No. 140 the following record… Read More »

Recovery of Dues

1. Is dues can be kept pending on this grounds that the Co-operative Housing Society has not taken note of… Read More »


1. What is the procedure of the general body meeting called for the re-development? Ans: The quorum of this general… Read More »