Guest Editor
Adv. Umeshchandra Yadav Patil
Special Public Prosecutor
Govt. of Maharashtra

Redressal of the Complaints

1. What complaints can be made to the Police? Ans: Complaints can be made to the Police relating to matters… Read More »

Registration of Society

1. Who is a Promoter? Ans: The term Promoter is defined under Bye-law No. 3(xii) of the Model Bye-laws of… Read More »

Repairs & Maintenance of Property

1. When can the Committee enter into the contract with the Contractor? Ans: The Secretary opens the tenders received by… Read More »

Rights & Responsibilities of Members

1. Is there any restriction on a member regarding the activities done by him in the Flat? Ans: A member… Read More »

Leave and Licence of Flat

1. How has the Application for permission for sub-letting, giving on leave and license or care-taker basis, flats or part… Read More »

Deemed Conveyance

1. What is the definition of promoter? Ans: Section 2(c) of the Maharashtra Flat Ownership Rights Act 1970 explicit the… Read More »

Deregistration of Society

1. What are the alternations if builder is not co.-operating for forming co. operative society? Ans: In such situation, the… Read More »

Transfer of Flat in Housing Society

Difference Between Transfer and Transmission of Shares: Transfer of shares is a voluntary act of a member that takes place… Read More »

GST For Housing Societies

Introduction:- This article has been written with a view to increase awareness of members of Housing Societies and Management Committee… Read More »

Government Circular on Redevelopment 3rd January 2009

Whereas, buildings of Co-operative Housing Societies in the State of Maharashtra are being redeveloped on a large scale. A number… Read More »