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1. What is the procedure of the general body meeting called for the re-development?

Ans: The quorum of this general body meeting is ¾ of the total member. It is obligatory that the officer from the Registrar office should have to attend this meeting as a authorized officer, Similarly V.D.O. picturisation of this meeting is necessary. To send the agenda of the meeting before 14 days is obligatory,

2. Can members raise objections, suggestions and recommendation regarding redevelopment of the society?

Ans: Yes, As per directions issued by the government under section 79(AB) bon dt. 3rd January 2009, the secretary of the society eight days before the date of the general body meeting. By accepting the received suggestions of the members it is obligatory on the Architect and Project Consultant to note in the project report that whether that suggestion are accepted or not.

3. In what way the redevelopment of the co-operative housing society can be done?

Ans: Under section 79 (A) of the Maharashtra Co-operative Society Act 1960 the Government has issued government resolution NO SARUYO 2007/Pra.kra. 554/14-SA, dt. 3rd January, 2009 regarding redevelopment of vacant land and also building owned by cooperative housing society. Vacant land/ building can be re-development as per provisions in the said directives.

4. Is the sanction of the general body meeting for the re-development of the Society necessary.

Ans: Yes, The quorum of ¾ of the total number of member in the general body meeting going to move resolution regarding redevelopment. Similarly to pass such resolution by giving approval to the re-development scheme by more then ¾ members of the members present in this meeting is obligatory. The government has circulated directives in this regard on dt. 3rd January 200+ under section 79 (AB).

5. What is the provision if the quorum of the special general body meeting is not completed for re-development?

Ans.: If the quorum of ¾ of the total member for the special general body meeting called for the re-development is not completed the meeting shall postpone for 8 days. However if the quo0rum was not also completed in this postpone meeting then the meeting shall be cancelled.

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